The production will be live streamed and performed from The Space from the 18th to the 20th February.

Minty Fresh Productions has today announced the world premiere of Outside, written and performed by Gabrielle MacPherson.

Directed by Karis Crimson, the production is set to be performed and streamed live between the 18th- 20th February.

Willa hasn’t ever left her house until now. For 30 years, each moment of her life has been controlled, and she spent every night locked in her room. Now, she finds herself in a witness questioning suite, searching for evidence of her existence. She has slipped through the cracks of society and her only reality outside the house exists between the pages of the books her semi-absent father publishes.

But she can’t be hidden away anymore. A dark secret is about to come to light. Willa’s attempt at freedom can lead to nothing but more horrific revelations. Can revenge ever be justified?

Writer and performer Gabrielle MacPherson said: “I am so excited about Outside’s première at The Space. In such a difficult and uncertain time for everyone, the team and I feel so fortunate to tell Willa’s story. I worked on Outside throughout 2020, a year where none of us could go out, so it’s really wonderful that in 2021 Willa and I get to venture outside our homes and into yours – from a safe distance, of course.”

The production is set to feature set and costume design by Ica Niemz and sound design by Laura Howard.

Outside will be live streamed from the 18th to the 20th February. Ticket prices are operating on a pay as you choose system and can be purchased here.


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