From the writer and producer of Islander The Musical comes Distance Remaining, a collection of three theatrical stories made for the screen.

Taking place from the 14th April until the 9th May, Distance Remaining has been written by Stewart Melton and directed by  Caitlin Skinner. It will be available to watch through online theatre’s on certain dates. These theatres and dates are as follows:

Macrobert Arts Centre 
Wednesday 14 April | 7.30PM 
Thursday 15 April  | 7.30PM 
Eden Court Theatre
Friday 16 April  | 7.30PM 
Saturday 17 April | 7.30PM 
Dundee Rep Theatre 
Tuesday 20 April | 7.30PM 
Eastgate Theatre
Wednesday 21 April | 7.30PM
The Byre Theatre 
Friday 23 April | 7.30PM 
Saturday 24 April | 7.30PM
The Beacon Arts Centre 
Wednesday 28 April | 7.30PM 
Thursday 29 April | 7.30PM 
Mull Theatre 
Friday 30 April | 7.30PM 
Saturday 1 May | 7.30PM
Lyth Arts Centre 
Wednesday 5 May | 7.30PM 
Assembly Roxy 
Thursday 6 May | 7.30PM 
Friday 7 May | 7.30PM 
Perth Theatre 
Saturday 8 May | 7.30PM 

Three lost souls make a break for freedom, embarking on journeys of discovery. But it’s April 2020 and no journey is as simple as A to B – even to the front door.  Distance Remaining follows their quests to reconnect with the people in their lives, the places where they live, and the selves they might become.

Blending film, theatre and electronic score, Distance Remaining stars Karen Dubar, Reuben Joseph and Dolina MacLennan.

Talking about the news, writer Stewart Melton commented: “Like many, I have often felt marooned this past year, cut off from the people I love and activities that bring my life shape and purpose. Perhaps as a result, I am very curious about how we all differently engage with separation and solitude and find what we need within ourselves and our immediate surroundings. In writing Distance Remaining, I have loved following all three characters’ adventures as they confront, overcome or reconcile with their loneliness – they have helped me feel less alone and I hope they will be good company to others too.”

The piece features an original soundtrack composed by  Louise Anna McCraw. Meanwhile, the creative team also includes: director of photography Seth Hardwick, production designer Jen McGinley, assistant director Nathaniell Brimmer-Beller and is produced by Helen Milne.

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