Love London Love Culture’s Romantic Film Picks: 2021

Here’s a few romantic films to watch if you are looking for some inspiration…

Music and Lyrics: there are some films that don’t get enough credit – this is certainly one of them in my opinion. It never takes itself too seriously and honestly the chemistry between Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore just works. Music is a powerful force in love and this film highlights this!

One Fine Day: a lot of romantic comedies focus on those who are single and then come together – but what about single parents? This heartwarming and gentle film shows two such people having to work together to ensure their kids are well looked after while trying to save their careers – it has a gentle charm about it that really works.

The Lake House: this was a new one for me to watch – although the whole time twist takes a little time to get used to – it does add another interesting dimension to a unconventional love story. It is interesting to see how this relationship develops over the distance of time.

French Kiss: there is no denying that the 1990’s saw some great romantic comedies and this one is certainly less remembered than others. It is a screwball comedy as much as anything and the chemistry between the characters is just simply delightful.

Something’s Gotta Give: another element of romantic comedies that isn’t explored nearly enough is the relationships of those over a certain age – and this one does it in a delightfully mischievous way – with many instances of how love can make fools of us all – no matter our age.

Brooklyn: while there is a sweetly awkward romance at the heart of this gorgeous story, it is also about a young Irish woman building a new life for herself and as she discover herself – everything else wonderfully falls in to place. It is a gentle but heartfelt film.

The Broken Hearts Gallery: we have all been broken hearted at one time or another – but what happens to the things the we perhaps keep from previous relationships and can they in fact help you find new love in your life? This is the idea that lies at the heart of this genuinely funny film. It may be slightly predictable in places but somehow this makes it even more endearing.

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