If you are marking today with someone who loves musical theatre, here’s a few songs that you might want to play in their company…

You and I, Pretty Woman the Musical: Bryan Adams is one of the masters of being able to write a great romantic song – and this is just one really great example of this. Coming at the key turning point in the relationship between Edward and Vivian – it is gorgeously romantic from start to finish.

Three Little Words, Ghost the Musical: a fantastic musical theatre romantic song can really make a statement about the relationship in question. Here each of them are arguing about the best way to let someone know how they love them – is it saying I love you or is it the small actions that you do for someone everyday? It is romantic because everything that is being said is honest and heartfelt.

Come What May, Moulin Rouge the Musical: the only original song to feature in the film before it was made into a Broadway musical, it is all about throwing how you feel out there – no matter what the consequences are, reminding us that love is about taking a leap of faith.

I Believe My Heart, The Woman in White: Andrew Lloyd Webber and David Zippel’s musical features some truly beautiful and haunting tunes – no more so than this one that stands out for being delicate, filled with emotion and gorgeous music reflecting the story perfectly.

People Will Say We’re in Love, Oklahoma!: sometimes a good love song is actually about two characters who are in utter denial about their feelings for each other – captured perfectly in this Rodgers and Hammerstein song – allowing the audience to actually discover how they actually do feel for each other.

Hopelessly Devoted to You, Grease: sometimes a love song isn’t always that happy. Sandy sings this after being cruelly rejected by Danny, conveying that despite how he treated her she still cares about him deeply. It is a really honest and heartbreaking song, yet somehow still romantic.

As Long As You’re Mine, Wicked: this is the first time that Elphaba and Fiyero admit their feelings for each other and it is a really beautiful moment of honesty that works in the context of the rest of the story.

It Takes Two, Hairspray: while the song is showing how attitudes in society were beginning to change as the 1960’s began, it also shows how a relationship is about equality, support but also being opposites – embracing you differences, explained in a romantic way.

Helpless, Hamilton: it can be difficult to write a romantic song suitable for contemporary audiences but this really works for its uniqueness. Its quick pace, beautiful harmonies and lyrics that capture the first feelings excitement when you are attracted to a person and the developing relationship – very cleverly constructed to show the development of love.

If I Were a Bell, Guys and Dolls: I love this song because it really expresses the dizzying feelings of when you fall in love with someone – particularly after that first kiss. At the same time it is playful and funny that makes it a delight to listen to.