NEWS: Interactive Dating Show Tap That Coming to the UK

The comedy and experiential production company Face Off Unlimited and Gamiotics have confirmed the online dating show will be making its UK debut.

This new technology driven dating show sees the audience voting to make the match in real time and will be presented by Amy Hart and Paul Taylor-Mills.  

Looks like virtual dating is here to stay. It’s all so ridiculous. So why not go with it? Let’s add two charismatic hosts, three sexy contestants we call CandiDATES™, a live voting audience, and the cutting-edge technology of Gamiotics to put the matchmaking power in your hands.

Tap That has been designed to be enjoyed as a multiscreen experience, with viewers being able to watch the show live on a laptop or computer, while voting and interacting by using their smartphone.

The UK premiere for Tap That will take place on the 26th February at 8pm, with tickets costing £6.

Tap That is presented Face Off Unlimited (executive producers Jay Painter, Eric Robinson, Joe Tex, Heather Shields) and additional creative team members are Michael Springthorpe, Peter Hargarten, and Emily McNamara. 

Face Off Unlimited are the creators of the live Japanese game show experience BATSU!, with homes in New York City and Chicago. In addition to producing numerous other live productions such as Laughter Party, FOU teaches improv classes, provides communication and leadership training for Fortune 500 companies through FOLD, develops dialogue for social robots, and creates digital content.

Meanwhile, Gamiotics reimagines the live entertainment and event experience by giving content creators a powerful new direct-to-audience tool. This innovative web-based software allows for real time audience interaction in any form of entertainment from anywhere in the world. Through Gamiotics technology, audiences can vote for choices, solve puzzles, win mini games, and more.

To find out more about Tap That visit:

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