Profile: Asher Knight

The singer has just released his new single ‘Alone’.

Having been seen on tour with the likes of The Vamps, Steps and Road Trip, Asher Knight is busy concentrating on his career in 2021 – starting with the release of his new single Alone, which was released earlier this month.

Talking about the single he said: “Being loved isn’t always easy, it can be hard and something we run away from when we don’t feel worthy of it. None of us want to be alone but if we open our hearts and allow ourselves to be loved it can empower and encourage us through the toughest of times.  Throughout the recent difficulties with COVID the feeling of loneliness has been a strong force but we have come closer together and shown that love for each other can combat the darkest of times.”

Asher is a singer songwriter from Bradford. He discovered his passion for music and singing at the age of 16 and was initially uncertain about entering the music industry due to low self-esteem as a child due to being bullied at school.

However, having worked through this, he moved to London to concentrate on his music working alongside people such as Cutfather, Mark Owen, Jon Maguire, Red Triangle, Olly Murs and James Blunt. So far his career has seen him tour with countless groups including Boyzone, Steps, Will Young and All Saints.  

He is set to release music throughout the year, beginning with ‘Alone’, which has been taken off his upcoming EP of the same name.

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