NEWS: Orange Tree Theatre Announces Inside/Outside Collection of Plays

The Orange Tree Theatre has confirmed a collection of world première short plays by six emerging and established writers will be performed and live streamed from the Orange Tree Theatre’s auditorium.

The first three plays, which have been written by Deborah Bruce, Joel Tan and Joe White, focus on the theme of Inside and will be streamed live from the 25th the 27th March. Meanwhile, the final three plays written by Sonali Bhattacharyya, Zoe Cooper and Kalungi Ssebandeke will explore the theme of outside and will be streamed live from the 15th to the 17th April.

The collection of plays are set to be directed by Anna Himali Howard and Georgia Green and cover stories of estrangement and loneliness; of connection and redemption; of despair in confinement to hope found in life outdoors.

Artistic Director Paul Miller said of the news: “As we emerge from a bleak Winter, it’s appropriate that the OT commits to new talent and new initiatives. Literary Associate Guy Jones has curated a beguiling and moving series of short plays from some writers familiar to the OT and some new to us, to reboot our theatre. And these will also be our first venture into live-streaming: we want to live-stream all our work in the future and this is our first step towards that. We want to be back to full-scale productions that welcome audiences when it is safe. Until then I am proud to present this new play project as the best possible way of platforming the new and emerging talent that’s vital for the future.”

Inside/Outside is part of OT On Screen, the Orange Tree Theatre’s digital project launched in January 2020 with Maya Arad Yasur’s play Amsterdam.  The productions, filmed in collaboration with The Umbrella Rooms, mark the company’s first live-streamed project, and the first live performances at the Orange Tree Theatre since lockdown began on 16 March 2020.

All of the rehearsals and filming will be conducted in a Covid secure environment in line with current government guidelines.

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