The Arch 468 Hope Prize is offering a £10,000 commission for a new play that offers hope.

It has been announced that the Arch 468 Hope Prize is now open for submissions for a new play that offers a vision of hope for now and the future.

The commission on offer is for a full rehearsal draft for a new mid-scale play which Arch 468 will commit to produce in a fully-staged professional production. They will also offer dramaturgical support and creative friendship, supported by R&D resources as needed.

Submissions are open for a broad spectrum of forms and subject matter that challenge habitual assumptions about the world and people within it.

Talking about the news Rebecca Atkinson said: “We want to be surprised and inspired by a work that gives us a new vision of what our world might look like. That doesn’t mean some naïve Panglossian fairytale; we want to be truly convinced that the future can be bright and we want to share that
hopeful surety with our audiences in a way that sticks. We want authentic feeling stories in dialogue with the world we live in now. We believe in the power of brilliant leaps of writerly imagination.”

With Arch 468 being a project funded touring company that works across the small and mid-scale – the play must be something that can realistically be produced on those terms in both the live and digital realms.

In order to apply, applicants must supply:

• A one page (500 words) outline of the play you want to write. What’s the story, why do you care about it and why should we?
• A first rough draft of the first ten pages of that play to give a sense of your voice as a writer.
• Your CV, including contact details and the name, phone number and email address of two referees who have a sense of your work. Don’t worry about picking ‘notable’ referees, Arch 468 would rather speak to people who know and love your work.
• A completed Equal Opportunities monitoring form.

All documents should be emailed in word or PDF format to with the subject line “Arch 468 Hope Prize 2021”.

It should also be noted that those applying should be free to write a full rehearsal draft of the play, incorporating a minimum of two sets of notes within 12 months of the application deadline.

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