Here’s a guide to some of our most popular reads of the week including reviews of new musicals and new online adventures…

Review of Gatsby: A Musical,Cadogan Hall: this online revival of the musical based on the classic story is only available to watch this weekend – and what a glorious thing it was. The cast includes Liam Doyle, Emma Williams and Jodie Steele – and despite restrictions was able to whisk you off to the 1920’s.

Review of Les Enfants Terribles and Sherlock Holmes: An Online Adventure ‘The Case of the Hung Parliament’: if you are looking to get your brain working and your powers of deduction going then we can thoroughly recommend this engaging and delightful experience. With plenty of clues to spot, you have to work out who has killed three top politicians….

Review of The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Southwark Playhouse, Stream.Theatre: despite everything going on, there has been a real emergence of brand new musicals to experience. Adding to this growing list, this magical and fun theatre piece has got it all: classy and fun songs, lovely range of characters and great story at its heart.

Review of Shaken, The Actors Centre (online): this week we also enjoyed watching Mariana Lafón’s cleverly thought out piece exploring the impact of decisions on ordinary people made by those in power in the wake of emergency situations.

First look at Gatsby A Musical, Cadogan Hall:one of our top pieces this week was the release of production photos for this weekend’s live stream of this revival.

Review of The Secret Society of Leading Ladies, Barn Theatre: this week saw us getting involved and watching this innovative new concert concept which puts audiences in control of the set list via five select player screens, focusing on leading lady characters from musicals. It shows the full potential of technology and theatre combining together to create a unique experience.

Review of Bored with Knives, Greenwich Theatre: we have also managed to catch up on this intriguing drama by Megan Louise Wilson and Kitty Fox Davis that features a really unexpected twist towards the end and two performances that brought the characters vividly to life.

Review of Sharon ‘N’ Barry Do Romeo & Juliet, Queen’s Theatre Hornchurch (Online): taking place over zoom, this gentle comedy is perfect if you are looking for something to cheer you up – showing how the magic of theatre can be recreated at home to hilarious effect.

News: casting announced for Swamp Motel’s The Kindling Hour: casting was confirmed for the company’s third online experience this week – including Lord of the Rings star Dominic Monaghan.

News: full programme announced for BFI Flare: London LGBTIQ+ Film Festival: in a ceremony that was broadcast online this week, the full programme was unveiled for the 35th edition of this annual festival which takes place next month.


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