NEWS: National Gallery Announce New Dates for Exhibitions

The National Gallery have announced changes to its exhibition programme dates.

The following changes have been announced for the National Gallery’s 2021 exhibition programme which is temporarily closed until at least the 17th May.

Its current Room 1 exhibition, Sensing the Unseen: Step in Gossaert’s Adoration has now been extended to the 13th June. Also extended is Rosalind Nashishibi: An Overflow of Passion and Sentiment in Room 30, which will now be displayed until the 27th June.

Elsewhere, it has been announced that Conversations with God: Jan Matejko’s Copernicus will move from Room 1 to Room 46, now opening from the 21st May and running until the 22nd August.

The gallery has also announced details of a new Room 1 exhibition Bellotto: The Konigstein Views Reunited which is set to go on display from the 22nd July until the 31st October. In this display, the National Gallery will reunite five views of the fortress of Königstein – that were painted by Bernardo Bellotto (1722–1780) at the peak of his career – for the first time in 250 years. 

Meanwhile, it has been confirmed that Poussin and the Dance is still set to open as planned on the 9th October, on display until the 2nd January 2022. The other major exhibition set to open this year, The Credit Suisse Exhibition Durer’s Journey’s: Travels of a Renaissance Artist will now open on 20th November 2021, and run until 27th February 2022.  The gallery’s Kehinde Wiley exhibition will go on display from the 10th December until the 18th April 2022.

However, due to the change in exhibition dates due to the ongoing impact of COVID-19, the gallery has decided to indefinitely postpone its Autumn exhibition Impressionist Decorations: The Birth of Modern Decor, which was set to open on the 11th September. However, being based on an idea proposed by the Musée d’Orsay, the exhibition was developed in collaboration with the Musées d’Orsay et de l’Orangerie and it will still go-ahead in Paris in Spring 2022 as planned.

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