The company have announced that they have appointed producer and writer as its new permanent Executive Director.

Having formerly been the Executive Director at Camden People’s Theatre, Amber Massie-Blomfield is now taking over the role Executive Director of Complicité from Polly Gifford who has been working with the company as Interim Executive Director for the past three years.

In a statement, Complicité Artistic Director, Simon McBurney said: “As the country transitions out of lockdown, Complicité is completing a transition of its own. Having navigated the worst of the pandemic and lockdown, we’ve been recruiting for a permanent Executive Director, and Amber Massie-Blomfield will be starting with the Company in April. She is a really exciting appointment to take the Company forward.The question on all our lips during the pandemic, was never when will this end, and when will we be ‘getting back to normal’, but rather where do we go now? There is no going back. And what do we even mean by ‘normal’? The world is in a moment of profound crisis where more than ever before we need to come together and build a future that, perhaps, we have not yet imagined. Interim Executive Director, Polly Gifford has brilliantly helped to set us on this new path. I want to add our deep gratitude to her for the past three years in which she has given unstintingly to all of us in Complicité, and also welcome the appointment of Amber Massie-Blomfield as new Executive Director.”

Complicité was founded in 1983  by Annabel Arden, Fiona Gordon, Marcello Magni and Simon McBurney. The company’s most recent work include productions of Beware of Pity, The Encounter, The Master and Margarita, Shun-kin and A Disappearing Number.

Talking about the news of her appointment  Amber Massie-Blomfield said: “I have loved Complicité’s work ever since I saw Light as a teenager – and came back to watch the show three times in the course of a week. This is one of the most astonishing, inventive theatre companies in the world today, and I’m thrilled to be joining Simon McBurney and the team to reimagine Complicité’s vital message of human interconnectedness for the extraordinary times we live in.”

Amber Massie-Blomfield has also written a book Twenty Theatres to See Before You Die which received the Society of Authors’ Michael Meyer Award, Gladstone Library’s political writer-in-residence prize 2019 and was shortlisted for the 2019 Theatre Book Prize. Her second book, Acts of Resistance, is due for publication in 2022.