The new virtual exhibition brings together a number of objects to explore the history and legacy of electronic music.

Created by key members of the electronic music industry in collaboration with Google Arts & Culture and Youtube, Music, Makers & Machines is an interactive virtual exhibition celebrating the history of electronic music and is available to explore from today.

This new exhibition has been built with the help of over 50 international cultural partners spanning 15 countries, including museums, archives, festivals, educational establishments, industry experts and pioneers from the electronic music scene. Contributors include: XL Recordings, Innervisions, Kompakt, Kitsuné, Moogseum – Bob Moog Foundation, WDR – West German Broadcasting, Museum of Youth Culture, Clubcommission Berlin, Deutsches Museum, Visit Düsseldorf, SMEM – Swiss Museum for Electronic Music Instruments, Amsterdam Dance Event, Philharmonie de Paris, Barbican Centre, Black Cultural Archives, Hayward Gallery, Chicago History Museum, Sydney Opera House, Nakamura Keith Haring Collection and Hokuto.

Together, each of these institutions help to explore the importance of electronic music and its influence on movements, places and technology. The exhibition will help to transport viewers back into the clubs, institutions and studios that have helped shape the community that it has become today, while lockdown means leaving dance floors empty.

Music, Makers & Machines is a immersive experience, in which viewers can explore over 13,000+ archived photo and video assets, 200 online exhibitions, 360° tours and 3D scans along with bespoke editorial features delving into scenes, sounds and iconic cities. It also comes with lesson plans for schools and students for classroom or online learning.

Some of the feature highlights  include ‘AR Synth’ an online AR/3D experiment that helps everyone to create, compose and interact with five famous synthesizers from the collection of the Swiss Museum for Electronic Music Instruments and street views and 360° tours of Museum of Musical Instruments, Berlin, Museum of Youth Culture, London, Nineties Berlin, Munich, Pierre Henry Studio, Paris and WDR Studio for Electronic Music.

Meanwhile, exhibition highlights include a brief history of early dubstep led by Georgina Cook, how grime took over the UK and Detroit Techno: The Sound House of Mirrors. The experience also covers themes such as Queer pioneers and electronic music is black music.

The entire Music, Makers & Machines online exhibition can be accessed on the Google Arts & Culture app on 
iOS or Android or online via It is available to view permanently.