The mini series of podcasts will explore the untold story of freelancers and how their work was impacted by the Covid pandemic.

A year on from when theatres closed their doors, this newly announced podcast from Curtain Call and Freelancers Make Theatre Work will look at what happened to the shows that were created, rehearsed and teched but never lived in front of audiences.

Presented by freelance opera director, Adele Thomas, the series will feature interviews with freelance performers, stage technicians, creatives and production staff from a variety of productions across the UK.

This four part mini series will be available to listen to on the Curtain Call podcast (part of the Broadway Podcast Network) – on all podcast providers.

Talking about the news, Director and first-time podcast presenter, Adele Thomas said: “I’m making this podcast series because I’ve heard hundreds of stories like mine – of these vanishing acts, these ghost shows…I’m still fascinated by the shows that were dreamed of and conceived, sometimes even rehearsed and teched but never lived in front of live audiences.”

Producer and co-founder of Curtain Call, Matt Humphrey said: “It has been a fascinating, important process collecting and compiling these stories about an art form that is so ephemeral by nature. They are as varied and emotionally wrought as the incredible freelancers that created them.” 

The podcast is available to listen to now on the Broadway Podcast Network , Google Play, Spotify and Apple Podcasts .