This series of concerts designed to showcase the talents of those who have graduated during the last year is wonderfully diverse and impressive.

George Maddison

Celebrating the talent of those who have graduated from all musical theatre, theatre and drama courses, this special concert series is the perfect springboard for the graduates to highlight their talent that will surely be appreciated when theatres return.

Devised by The Grad Fest and Ameena Hamid Productions to also help raise money for charity Acting For Others, each concert features performances from graduates all highlighting the range of their skills against the backdrop of the Cadogan Hall.

This first concert of three, hosted by Grace Mouat, gets off to a sensitive and thought provoking start with Abel Law’s rendition of ‘One Night Only’ which breaks away from tradition to offer a new perspective and meaning to the lyrics. It is a genuine pleasure to hear the song reinterpreted with such great insight and control.

But it is also interesting to see how each song selected by each graduate gives us a fascinating insight in terms of the types of roles that we can see them going onto play in the future. For example, George Maddison’s rendition of ‘She Cries’ is wonderfully mature and confident – he certainly has plenty of charisma for a leading role in the West End – so let’s watch this space. Elsewhere, Charlotte Jones performing ‘All Falls Down’ has a wonderful warmth and personality to her vocals that could lend itself to any number of different roles in the future.

However, what is clear is that each graduate has something new to offer musical theatre and this is heartening and positive to see. You can hear a slight classical quality to Karen Wilinson’s voice as she performs ‘Light in the Piazza’ – handled with graceful delicacy that shows how much care and attention she pays to each note, while Aoife O’Dea’s Hadestown Medley sounds extremely polished and technically well thought out.

Each rendition is really refreshing to listen to – just listen to Lewis Snell’s ‘I’d Rather Go Blind’ or Kyle Birch’s ‘Home’ for example. Both sound confident and unique – getting to the heart of the song with plenty of insight.

Over the course of the hour, it is a really joyful experience seeing exactly what these graduates are capable of and what they want to achieve in the future. Let’s hope they all get a chance to shine as they deserve to very soon.

By Emma Clarendon

There are two further concerts available in the series, highlighting the talent of even more graduates – available to stream until the 4th April. For more information and to buy tickets visit:

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐