The band have announced the release of their new single – due out on the 16th April.

The Nottingham based band have confirmed the release of their latest single, following on from a successful 2020 in which they released a number of singles despite not being able to perform live shows.

Formed of Josh Hart, Olly Bowley, Dan McGrath and Joe Newton, Cucamaras formed in 2019 and have notched up over 45,000 streams on Spotify as well as having headlined shows Sheffield and Nottingham, as well as appearing on stages in Newcastle, Manchester and Birmingham. In 2020, the group released singles such as ‘Lime Street Liar’, ‘Keep It Cool’ and ‘Window Seat’.

For their new single, ‘Death of the Social’, a live version of the song has already been recorded by the BBC and was featured on BBC Radio 6 Music’s Fantasy Glastonbury Stage in 2020, with Tom Robinson describing the song as “raucous and edgy”. 

Talking about the single, band member Josh Hart said: “The lyrics that Olly wrote for the track took a really simple but stark form. I think we both enjoy how literal and honest the track is, and that’s matched with probably our most simple song structure we’ve ever had, but that chorus just has impact and I think it will be somewhat of a protagonist in our live set. You can’t not go nuts for that, surely?”.

The single was inspired by the work of  sociologist Jean Baudrillard and penned whilst gigging in Paris, after a hungover debate between Hart and Bowley. The song takes inspiration from postmodernism as well as drawing on internal anxieties that the two have about an increasing social divide in society. It was recorded and mixed at Rainy Daze Recordings in Nottingham.

‘Death of the Social’ will be released on the 16th April.