Consistent in terms of style and tone throughout the album, Nick Jonas offers a really easy going album to listen to.

There is much to be admired on this latest solo album from the singer in terms of vocals and style that ensures an easy going vibe throughout but there are times when it feels as though the songs could have been deeper emotionally.

The album opens up with a beautifully chilled out song ‘Don’t Give Up On Us’ that feels really quite earnest emotionally while setting up the tone for the record nicely. It has a sense of maturity about it that works well and makes it enjoyable to listen to and shows off the strength of Jonas’s vocals that are consistently silky smooth.

It is matched by ‘Heights’ filled with an easy going rhythm but then soars to great effect – but can just lack slightly in emotional connection that would make the listener sit up and really listen. However, it is still a pleasant listen.

The album does seem to gain strength as it goes on, with songs such as the catchy and vibrant ‘This is Heaven’ and ‘Deeper Love’ really proving to be highlights on the album. Both the music and lyrics really compliment each other nicely on these two songs in particular.

Some might find the album a bit too understated to make a strong impact, but actually it feels very thoughtful and reflective as a whole. It has a quiet confidence about it that makes for pleasant listening as you can hear on ‘Death So Us Part’ or ‘Dangerous’ for example. It is a straight forward album that is easy to chill out to after a long day – but it does still feel as though it needs more depth emotionally, particularly when listening to ‘2Drunk’ or ‘Spaceman’ – which although reflecting feelings of isolation and loneliness just don’t feel as though it is expressed quite as well as they could be. However, of course it may simply take a few listens to make an impact unlike other songs on the album.

Overall though, this is a good quality album and has much to be enjoyed – it is a really pleasant listen that will please fans or those who are coming across his solo work for the first time.

By Emma Clarendon

Spaceman is available to buy and download now.