The West End Actor chatted to Emma Clarendon about his album KOPFKINO and recording during lockdown.

Hi John – how have you been coping during the last year? Hi Emma! Lovely to meet you. Obviously, it has been a hard time – like so many I lost my job in the theatre, but I must say I have tried to find the joy in each day! It truly has been such a wonderful time, to reflect and take time for oneself. To also take time for things that I have wanted to work on as there really is no excuse not to… it’s not like you can say you didn’t have the time!

But you have managed to create an album during this time – which is impressive! Could you tell
me more about KOPFKINO?
Thank you, yes it was, a real risk to stay on in Athens after Phantom closed, as the city was starting to lock down but looking back it was a great decision! I loved putting good energy into something
after being so disappointed about the closure of the show.

Did you know what styles of music you wanted to concentrate on when coming up with the idea
for the album?
KOPFKINO is a multitude of singing styles – a combination of genres, an eclectic range from
Neoclassical, Electro House and Pop-Opera to Scandi-Nordic pop. As an artist I am inspired by the
likes of Cirque du Soleil and Eurovision! However, it is my love of the counter tenor sound which has
enthralled me the most. Having recorded and edited in ‘lock down’ it is with great pride and much
anticipation that I bring you KOPFKINO.

How did the idea for the album come about? I just felt that when Phantom closed due to lockdown, I wanted to make some work for a few of my musician friends. It was a really sad time as we were one of the first shows in the whole world to close. When I told my friends in the West End and on Broadway, they just couldn’t believe it… little
did they know!

Given the various restrictions in place it must have been difficult to put it together? Yes it was. The great thing was that we were in a work bubble to start with so it was deemed ok by the studio for six of us to be in the there at the same time… obviously with social distance and not touching. However, the time window before full lockdown came was eight days and only three of these were with us in the studio, so we did not have a lot of time to achieve what we came up with! Obviously, I had ideas in my head and would record different vocals for each song that we then mixed to get the final product.

Now that things seem to be hopefully getting back to some form of normality – what is next in
store for you?
I am very excited to say that I have ten new tracks that I have been working on and they are starting
to come out over this summer! I have written two new songs with a friend Richard Stadler and we
have also have been working up seven other tracks. I have two remixes coming in the summer from
a DJ called Xander Milne. As well as a wonderful number with the incredible Alice Fearn who of
course we know from Wicked and now Come From Away! I am also very much looking forward to starting in a new role of a big hit show… but I need to wait until the show announces the casting until I can say more! I’m very excited for the year ahead! I hope people enjoy the music and continue to stay happy and healthy.

By Emma Clarendon

KOPFKINO is available to buy and listen to now