The singer and performer discusses his debut album ‘This is Me’ – which is available now.

Hi Paul, thanks for talking to me. For those who haven’t had a chance to listen to ‘This is Me’ yet – what can they expect? There is something for everyone. Pop, Opera, Rock n Roll and Musical Theatre. Each song means something so special to me and has contributed to my journey of where I have been, where I am from and where I am now.

How did the idea for the album come about? For years I have wanted to make this album. A representation of who i am as an artist, Australian, Italian, and my country. Every song means something special to me, from my heart. During my five year stint between Love Never Dies & Phantom of the Opera, having performed 8 shows a week, made it virtually impossible for me to record an album. The pandemic allowed me to do that, and finally I could share my journey with the world.

It must have been a challenge to put together during lockdown – how did you go about doing it? It wasn’t easy. Three countries, social distancing, orchestras and session musicians, it was a times extremely challenging. But so worth it! 

Do you have any particular favourites on the album? Every song means something to me. Heaven (Paradiso) is my dad and mums wedding song. I Am Australian,  translated into an aboriginal language to represent my home country and Till I Hear You Sing as a homage to the six years of work in Andrew Lloyd Webber Musicals, literally every song means something.

How does it feel to have been able to release an album during this time? I am honoured and completely and utterly satisfied with the quality of his album. I can safely say that eighteen hour days between three countries, social distancing, and producing certainly had its challenges but it kept me sane, and I was able to create something exceptional. I have never been prouder of anything in my life.

What is next in store for you? There is so much to look forward to and have many things on the boil at the moment. My dream would be to perform with Katherine Jenkins in her upcoming summer tour, She is an idol and I would absolutely love to be a guest.

By Emma Clarendon

This is Me is out now!