This is an album that offers the opportunity to sit back and enjoy the singer’s soulful and instantly recognisable vocals.

It is always a pleasure to listen to Gabrielle singing. Her vocals are not only distinctive, but also filled with different layers and depth that adapt easily to any song that she sings which is why this latest album is such a joy to listen to.

Opening with a very soulful and simple rendition of ‘Killing Me Softly With His Words’, Gabrielle is able to make her own mark on this familiar song, offering a different interpretation and finding a hidden depth to the song that is pleasing to hear.

This opening track paves the way nicely for the rest of the album that has plenty of charisma – found in the two original numbers ‘Stop Right Now’ and ‘Can’t Hurry Love’ – both of which fit in nicely with the other tracks included in this collection. ‘Stop Right now’ adds an uptempo vibe to the album but never overpowering musically, still allowing Gabrielle’s vocals to take centre stage.

With songs such as her cover of Harry Styles’s ‘Falling’ and ‘Smile’, you can really hear just how haunting and eerily beautiful her vocals are, but of course still giving the lyrics plenty of emotional depth that keep the listener thoroughly engaged. In particular, her rendition of ‘Smile’ is wonderfully delicate and is a real highlight of the album.

But it should also be noted that it is quite a diverse range of songs – but thanks to the arrangements, each song works in perfect harmony with each other, making for an enjoyable listen from start to finish. In particular her versions of ‘Teardrops’, ‘Proud Mary’ and ‘Bring it On Home to Me’ are real treats on the album.

Elsewhere, her rendition of Rhianna’s ‘Diamonds’ is wonderfully vibrant and is a complete surprise – it is a bold and confident performance that makes the listener see the song in a different light.

Perhaps it would have been nice to have a few more up tempo numbers sprinkled in to mix things up more as in places it does feel a little bit sombre. But there is no doubt that the album perfectly captures the singer’s thoughtful and delicate approach to music.

Overall, it is an easy going and enjoyable album to listen to, never failing to keep the listener engaged. Perfect for the Summer evenings ahead.

By Emma Clarendon

Do it Again is available to buy and download now.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐