Lana Del Rey’s new album is a delicate and soulful treat that is wonderful to listen to.

This latest album from the singer is filled with beautiful melodies, matched with lyrics that are reflective and thoughtful – making it feel a deeply personal record in which she gives voice to her inner thoughts.

Lana Del Rey instantly sets the tone for the album with the delicate melody and haunting vocals that can be heard on ‘White Dress’ that talks of dreams and expectations of what is going to happen in the future. It is an uplifting and dreamy song that the singer performs with great depth and understanding, a solid start to the album that effectively grows and develops throughout.

From here it is an album that is filled with reflections on a number of different subjects, with songs such as ‘Dark But Just a Game’ and ‘Wild at Heart’ reflecting on the perils of fame in a stylish and poetic way that reflects the strength of her ability to express herself. The music is never over powering on either track – it is simple and effective storytelling.

Meanwhile, a real highlight song of the album is ‘Let Me Love You Like a Woman’ that is filled with tenderness and affection as she asks her partner to allow her to love him with every inch of loyalty and tenderness that she possesses. It is romantic, earnest and honest that also allows Del Rey’s crystal clear vocals to really ring out. Another standout track is the soulful and thought provoking ‘Not All Who Wonder Are Lost’ – it is very direct in tone and yet conveyed in an understated way that makes the listener sit up and pay attention.

Elsewhere, I adored the wistful and hopeful quality of ‘Yosemite’ that makes it clear that its ok for people to change in relationships as long as the love remains consistent and present. As with other songs on the album, it is a delicate and nicely controlled song with a hint of a spiritual quality about it that enhances the introspective nature of the album as a whole.

It maybe a somewhat understated and slightly sombre record as a whole, but it actually is perfect for these times in which we have all had a little more time to reflect on life .

By Emma Clarendon

Chemtrails Over The Country Club is available to buy and download now.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐


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