REVIEW: Something Old, Something New Revue, The MTA (Online)

This annual revue show perfectly highlights the skills of all those participating in the course.

Sing, dancing and acting are all captured in this slickly put together show, devised around the graduating class of the year but featuring the whole college it is a great opportunity to see what the future of the theatre industry looks like.

Opening with a suitably lively and confident rendition of ‘It Don’t Mean a Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing’, the whole revue brims with energy and enthusiasm that sweeps those watching along on the musical journey nicely. The exuberance that is on show also really helps to highlight the quality of the harmonies, showing just how much time and dedication has been put into a high quality performance – with the choreography also in perfect synchronisation.

The whole show features a nice diverse range of songs that allows for plenty of emotional engagement but also gives room for fun and entertainment as well. This is particularly highlighted through performances of ‘She’s in love’ or the wonderfully comical ‘Therapy’ and ‘Single Man Drought’ that bursts with personality without feeling over the top. Every performance has been well controlled.

Elsewhere, there is a sense of maturity that is really pleasing – as heard through the rendition of ‘Be My Love’, performed with great charm and understanding by Rachele Da Dalto and Stamatis Seraphim. Their vocals are really surprising in terms of the classical and mature nature of them that shines through. Meanwhile, the medley of songs from Once and Waitress show a lovely emotional depth that makes it a stand out performance.

But it is the group numbers that bring a lot of the joy – with ‘They Both Reached for the Gun’ featuring some very inventive choreography and confident performances. Meanwhile, ‘Moment By Moment’ is a really lovely way to finish the performance – with harmonies that really soar and emphasise the skills of all those involved.

The whole thing has been filmed in a simple but effective way to allow for the performances to take centre stage and I can only hope that these students get the representation that they deserve as they start out into this industry. Well worth catching as it is uplifting to see new talent emerging even during these difficult times.

By Emma Clarendon

Something Old, Something New is available to stream via Stream.Theatre until the 1st May.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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