NEWS: Orleans House Gallery Announces Remember the Future Exhibition

The exhibition will go on display at the Richmond based gallery from the 18th May.

Addressing the current environmental crisis, the Orleans House Gallery has announced a new exhibition that will see artists in residence setting up studios to explore how we can improve our relationship with the environment, using the guest artists’ research to investigate the ways in which it can be fixed. This is the first exhibition in Orleans House Gallery’s new three-year project Cultural Reforesting.

The first of the five residencies will be with renowned visual artists Ackroyd & Harvey, from 18th May –
18th July. Ackroyd & Harvey, notable for their work on environmental issues, will pull apart our
relationship with time by interrogating the stories held in the ancestry of the Cedar of Lebanon tree,
one of which stands in the gallery grounds. Throughout the display, the artists will
examine ecocide – the destruction of an ecosystem of a particular area – and how we can prevent
this in the future.

Meanwhile, in residency in the grounds throughout Remember the Future will be artist Nestor Pestana. By
focusing on bats, a species that inhabits the gallery grounds, and their connection to other species, Pestana will explore how human communities can engage with the wider ecosystem with empathy
and a sense of responsibility towards otherness.

Remember the Future will spread across the Orleans House Gallery site, grounds and ecosystem with a studio space in the gallery as well as art displays featuring works by all the artists in residency.

Three more artist residencies will take place between July and November. Bryony Benge-Abbott
will be in residence from 22nd July to the 19th September, exploring how the practice of drawing nature
can evoke a deeper sense of connection with our surroundings and help us to fully inhabit the living
world. Vicky Long & Eloise Moody will be in residence from 3rd August to the 3rd October examining the
role that humans play in the ecosystem and what legacy we are transmitting to the unknown future.
The final artist will be recruited via an open call and will be in residence from 23rd September to the 14th

Remember the Future will run from the 18th May until the 14th November.

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