We chatted to Linus about his show How To Live A Jellicle Life: Life Lessons From The 2019 Hit Movie Musical ‘Cats’ which will be playing at the Lion and Unicorn Theatre from the 1st June.

(c)Dave Bird

Hi Linus – could you tell me more about what audiences can expect from How To Live a Jellicle Life?  Most of all – a fun time. The show is ridiculous, silly and joyous: all the things I’ve been craving the last year. It provides a different perspective of the 2019 movie musical Cats: though you very much don’t need to be a fan of, or even have seen, the film to be able to access the show in all its jellicality.

How did the idea for the show come about?  After first seeing the film I could not stop thinking about it, talking about it or tweeting about it. My friend Sam Hopkins, who is a theatre director, was running a scratch night and he asked if I wanted to do something Cats related for it. I then realised that a jellicle show was what the world wanted and needed.

What is it that you love about the film Cats? It’s just thoroughly enjoyable and different from anything else I’ve seen. I think the combination of it simultaneously being fantastic – with top performers/dancers/designers having worked on it – and a total car crash is so fascinating. How could it turn out this weird and wonderful?!

How many times do you think you have watched it? Many. From start to finish maybe 10? But I’ve also seen individual scenes many, many times whenever I’ve needed a jellicle boost. I’ve also listened to the Cats soundtrack extensively – Spotify told me my most played song last year was indeed “Jellicle Songs For Jellicle Cats”.

How are you feeling about being able to perform the show at the Lion & Unicorn Theatre? Thrilled. I am so excited to finally be back. I love theatre so much – both as a performer and audience member – and for a long time it’s felt like a part of me has been missing. I can’t wait to be whole again. It’s also special of course when it’s a show I’ve created myself and am so passionate about, and to do it at a venue I love.

Why should people come along and watch? Because it’s fun! Throughout all these months of lockdown I’ve so missed laughing with my friends. This show is that. It’s a silly, stupid, loving, naughty, educational, awkward, warm, sexy, pop cultural, slightly uncomfortable, jellicle laugh. I’ve laughed a lot putting it together.

By Emma Clarendon

How To Live A Jellicle Life: Life Lessons From The 2019 Hit Movie Musical ‘Cats’ will play at the Lion and Unicorn Theatre from the 1st to the 5th June.