Interview With…Nemide May

We chatted to Nemida about starring in the world premiere of represent.’s production of Money, being streamed from the 26th April until the 15th May.

(c)Guy Bell.

Hi Nemide, could you tell me about what Money is about? Money is a play set during an annual board meeting for the Trustees of the Nyoni Community Project which takes place on Zoom. The charity has been offered a huge donation from an ethically questionable company in the midst of a financially challenging year due to the pandemic.  This leads to a divide within the board of whether to accept the money and grow their outreach programme or refuse the money and potentially lose everything. 

How did you get involved with the production? I had a number of intense auditions for Represent Theatre and became part of the company at the beginning of 2020. We were initially going to be doing three plays back to back at three different theatres beginning in March 2020 however Corona came and turned everything upside down.

How does it feel to be part of represent’s first season?  Honestly, it’s been a dream. It’s felt like a family right from the beginning and even more so during the pandemic. The cast and crew have kept in contact regularly and have been so supportive of each other during all the highs and lows of 2020. I’m blessed to be part of Represent Theatre because they have been super understanding of my personal circumstances and really believe in me an a person and creative. It’s also been out of this world knowing I’m guaranteed work after life was put on hold for a while.

Could you tell me more about your role in Money? Kaia has been through some stuff and because of this she’s had to really dig deep and figure out who she is, what means a lot to her and her imprint on this planet. She is tough and her and her family have been through a lot meaning that it’s pushed her to become focused and independent. She is fiercely loyal but always tries to do what she thinks is right. Kaia is spiritual and down to earth which I think is quite similar to me making it easy to connect to her as a character. 

How have you found the experience of adapting to a digital format?  It’s weird. It’s a play. But it’s on zoom which means it’s on camera so the performance is more like acting for TV.  But it’s live. And each cast member performs the play in their own home. It’s taken a little while to get used to but I think it’s such a cool concept and kind of perfect to ease us as cast members and also theatre goers out of lockdown and back into live performances. 

Why should people watch Money? It’s theatre like you’ve never seen it before!!! Isla has written such a brilliant, timely piece that makes you question what you stand for and think about the world and our footprint on it. You, as an audience member, also get a say in the outcome of the play which helps make it personal and pushes you to think about your own choices and morals. You NEED to watch it!

By Emma Clarendon

Money will be live streamed via Zoom from the 26th April until the 15th May.

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