REVIEW: In Pieces, Stream.Theatre

Exploring relationships from beginning to end, song writer Joey Contreras has created a heartfelt and thoughtful musical that includes plenty of scenarios that all of us can relate to.

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Formed of songs that combine theatre and pop, this new filmed production of the musical really captures the many different types of relationships and forms of love that exist in a genuine way that is endearing to watch unfold.

Filmed at Kidzania, director Louis Rayneau really manages to use the location to make it feel like an authentic American musical, with each song taking place at a different location every story is given its own distinct personality to help to set the scene for the relationship being portrayed perfectly. The level of detail that is on display is impressive and effective in the way in which it draws the audience’s focus. This can be seen in particular during Kyle Birch’s performance ‘Unsaid’ with the camera work being so beautifully fluid it really feels as though you are there experiencing the same emotions as him – making it feel completely relatable.

This is not the only moment during the performance that feels earnest and endearing. Elsewhere, I loved the way in which songs ‘Get Up and Go’ and ‘Waiting For More’ are interlinked to show the different perspectives of one relationship – thanks to the way in which it has been edited it feels as though you really experience the way the relationship develops and changes.

There is a great joy and enthusiasm that shines through in each performance that makes this such an uplifting and hopeful experience, which is highlighted through Rachel Sargent’s confident and enjoyable choreography that wraps around the character’s performances without ever feeling invasive. This is perfectly captured during the performance of ‘I Could Fall’ which is a real highlight moment.

However, it could also be said that In Pieces can be on occasion in danger of feeling a little bit repetitive, with some numbers coming across as needing to be a bit more distinctive musically. ‘Another New York Love Story’ and ‘Great, Cool’ could use some minor adjustments to make them sound bolder.

The performances from all of those involved are real treats. In particular, Kyle Birch’s rendition of ‘Love Me, Love Me Not’ is a real highlight performance, while Danielle Steers performing ‘With Him’ is spine tingling. But there are also some wonderful harmonies to be heard on ‘In Pieces’ and ‘Like You Don’t Miss Me’.

Overall, In Pieces is a wonderfully sleek and heartfelt musical that is also completely relatable in some form to anyone who has ever been in love. Really worth a watch.

By Emma Clarendon

In Pieces is available to watch via Stream.Theatre until the 26th April.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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