The building will welcome back visitors on the 17th May with an exhibition featuring the work of renowned British artist Colin Smith.

The Riverside Studios has confirmed that it will be reopening with the exhibition The Square Root of Minus One, which will run through all the public spaces from the 17th May until the 21st August.

Smith’s work is included in the permanent collections of galleries and museums around the world – including the Tate, the Sharjah Museum and Art Gallery in the UAE, and the Museum of Modern Art in Tel Aviv, as well as in numerous private and corporate collections. This is a rare chance to see his work in London as he is currently living and working in Belgium, and has spent much of his career living in the USA, Sweden and Spain.

Through his work, the artist draws on the everyday for the subject matter of his paintings but leaves the the interpretation in the hands and imagination of the viewer.

Talking about the works featured in the exhibition, Colin Smith said: “There is no one meaning to any of these works other than that which the viewer brings to them. Only rarely will the titles give any hint as to an intention, and usually just state the obvious.”