Titled Wonderland, the experience will take place at KidZania London from the 19th June until the 31st August.

This newly announced experience at the popular attraction will see children following the White Rabbit Trail to gather clues to their secret Wonderland entrance, where they’ll be tasked to help prepare for the Queen of Heart’s Garden Party. From there, they will then help paint the roses red and design and practise their best silver service as they set up the table for the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. Elsewhere, they will also help to organise the entertainment by writing a comedy routine to perform for the Queen of Hearts and practise their dance moves for the Garden dance.

Based on Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, the immersive experience will then be followed by families getting a chance to visit the KidZania Theatre and watch an exclusive filmed performance of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.  

The cast for this exclusively filmed production of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland includes Erin Bell (Birdie/Dance Captain), Kyle Birch (Cheshire Cat), Edward Court (Caterpillar), Jack Dargan (Card/Featured Ensemble), Josh Harrison Yellop (Dodo/March Hare/Card), Ashleigh Harvey (Duchess/Queen of Hearts), Beccy Lane (Alice), Louis Rayneau (The White Rabbit), Luke Street (Mouse/Mad Hatter), Natalie Thorn (Duck/Dormouse)and Jason Leigh Winter (Eagle/Guard/Featured Ensemble). It has been filmed in collaboration with Future Spotlight Productions.

Meanwhile, the filmed production of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was directed by Louis Rayneau with choreography by Rachel Sargent; Videography Fabio Santos; Sound Design by Matthew Case Musical Direction by Edward Court; Assistant Direction by Lauren Osborn.

Talking about the news, Louis Rayneau said: “I am absolutely thrilled to be collaborating with KidZania London again after our successful run of Cinderella. I am so excited to share our action-packed performance of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, filmed especially for KidZania’s Wonderland! The whole team are phenomenal, and I am so grateful to KidZania London for all their support to the arts!’

Wonderland will take place at Kidzania London from the 19th June until the 31st August.