REVIEW: We Are More Than One by Michael Ball

This new album from the actor and singer features a selection of songs that really perfectly capture the spirit of the last year.

If you need a singer whose music is always comforting to listen to then Michael Ball is certainly a performer who always springs to mind. While musically he doesn’t always push his voice as much as he could do, there is always warmth and sincerity in the songs that he chooses to perform as evidenced on his latest solo album.

Recorded during lockdown, We Are More Than One is an album that perfectly captures the many different emotions and experiences of life during the past twelve months. With songs such as ‘God Willing’ and ‘We Are More Than One’ there is a real sense of Ball bringing together songs that unite listeners and act as a reminder that we are all in this together and we will get through it.

Meanwhile, with songs such as ‘Be the One’ and ‘Let’s Just Dance’ – there is a consistent thread of positivity and optimism that comes through. Although it would have been lovely to have more songs of this kind on the album, it is nicely balanced with sensitive performances of ‘Never Let You Go’ and ‘Home With You’ – both really simple melodies but with heartfelt lyrics that really stand out.

It would be easy for an album of this kind to get overly sentimental and come across as slightly preachy – but We Are More Than One never does because of its ability to highlight a range of themes that are relatable to so many people. This is really highlighted through ‘Be Gentle’ for example that acts as a reminder for a need to be compassionate – something that is captured through the line “if you can be kind, be kind” that makes you sit up and pay attention. Meanwhile on ‘Never Let You Go’, it feels as though it acts as a powerful reminder of the loss experienced so many that makes it a real stand out track and will certainly be a comforting listen to anyone grieving at the moment.

Some might find the easy listening nature of this album a bit frustrating, but for those who are looking for music that perhaps speaks out to them personally and is relatable this is a charming album to listen to.

By Emma Clarendon

We Are More Than One is available to buy and listen to now.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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