With an electrifying energy, Here Come the Boys is a mesmerising masterclass in the joy and entertainment of dancing.

Photo by Fiona Whyte for The TCB Group

Filled with a dynamic energy that never lets up from start to finish, Here Come the Boys is a show that captures and celebrates the skills of the professional dancers in a sexy and entertaining way that grabs the attention of the audience from start to finish.

Starring Aljaž Škorjanec, Graziano Di Prima, Nadiya Bychkova, Pasha Kovalev,Robin Windsor and Karim Zeroual, the concept of the show is a battle between the male professionals to see who is the top dancer through a series of mini battles that sees them showcasing their skills in a variety of dance styles. With plenty of banter in between each section, the show, directed and choreographed by Gareth Walker with great style and charisma has plenty to offer dance and Strictly Come Dancing fans.

The show gets off to a vibrant start with the ‘Welcome to’ sequence that gives a nice introduction to each of the dancers and the diversity of their dancing style, set against a backdrop a well selected music soundtrack that heightens the sense of joy and entertainment. A highlight segment of the show sees each of them performing to their musical idols including Justin Timberlake and Freddie Mercury for example that is completely mesmerising to watch – the song selection and choreography works in perfect harmony showing a great care and attention to detail.

Here Come the Boys is presented with boyish charm by Karim Zeroual (who was runner up in the 2019 series of Strictly Come Dancing) whose dance moves and exuberance is put to good use through the electrifying ‘Tik Tok Tribute’ – but it does come across as though he struggles slightly with keeping up with some of the professionals in places.

Each performer shows joy and enthusiasm that is really infectious – particularly during the ‘Let’s Swing’ section that merges contemporary songs into a swing style, while the choreography is impressively complex that it doesn’t fail to dazzle – with Graziano Di Prima, Giada Lini  and Robin Windsor and being particularly enjoyable to watch. Elsewhere, Aljaž Škorjanec and his partner of the evening Nadiya Bychkova are a beautiful partnership no matter what routine they are performing – but particularly during the ‘Ballroom Battle’ there is an elegance that is mesmerising to watch so it is disappointing that more ballroom routines aren’t included.

But the show is also surprisingly sexy as really highlighted during the ‘After Hours’ section that also highlights the power of storytelling through dance in numerous ways the use of lighting is particularly effective in enhancing the romance of the scene being set. Each dancer’s style makes for a lovely contrast that makes for fascinating viewing.

Perhaps there aren’t many surprises in store (particularly for those who watch Strictly Come Dancing) but it is more about the joy of seeing these wonderful dancers being back on the stage where they belong in a show that is filled with energy and joy. It is filled with personality that sweeps the audience along effectively.

Here Come the Boys is an immensely enjoyable production and crowd pleaser from start to finish – a great way to welcome audiences back to the London Palladium.

By Emma Clarendon

Here Come the Boys continues to play at the London Palladium . To book tickets visit: https://lwtheatres.co.uk/whats-on/here-come-the-boys-2/

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐