NEWS: Going Ape! to Play at the Union Theatre

Dance Attic Studios has confirmed that it will be bringing its show Going Ape! To the Union Theatre from the 29th June.

The comedy, written by Andrew Corbet Burcher, will now play at the Off-West End venue from the 29th June until the 10th July.

Adam and Eve,who lived for 900 years ,after their expulsion from the Garden of Eden are both waiting for the arrival of their eldest son Cain, dropping in for a short visit to break the monotony of his homeless wandering life..a life sentence imposed on him by God for killing his brother Abel.

But Cain brings with him a woman he’s met in Africa. She is Australopithecus Afarensis, the earliest known woman.

As Cain’s girlfriend is introduced to the family it soon becomes clear that they are destined to put on the first show on earth….GOING APE.

The cast for Evan Ensign’s production will be led by Melanie La Barrie as Eve (& Juliet) and she will be joined by Anabel Kutay (The McOnie Company; New Adventures Company) as Genevieve, Sion Lloyd (Phantom of the Opera, Titanic), Gabriel Vick (LesMiserables), Henry Collie (Lancaster Skies, Amazon), and Laura Tyrer (9 to 5, UK Tour).

Meanwhile, the creative team for the production includes: costume design by Cieranne Kennedy-Bell, set design by Poppy Corbet Burcher and lighting and sound design by Tom Evans.

To book tickets for Going Ape! Visit:

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