Tabby Lamb’s audio play effortlessly uses the adventures of Peter Pan to explore what it means to grow up and discover who you really our through a queer perspective.

Over the course of forty minutes, Tabby Lamb highlights the many different experiences of what it means to grow up and try and discover who you are in a magical and engaging way that is extremely distinctive.

Combining many references to the story and characters of Peter Pan, Darling is also a deeply engaging audio play that highlights the concept of ‘messy queerness’ through many coming-of-age stories filled with moments of insecurities and self-doubt.

While soothing in tone, Darling also feels passionate in the way in which it makes the points about the reluctance in society for change in attitude towards the queer community to one in which now seems to be leaning to be more supportive. You get the sense that still real change is needed to make those part of the community feel as though they are seen and not invisible. Lamb’s writing is distinctive and impassioned, while perfectly intertwining many of the characters and adventures in Peter Pan’s world.

Mwen’s sound design has a magical and atmospheric feel about it that adds to the poetic quality of the piece that keeps the listener thoroughly engaged. Listening in, you feel part of this world that Lamb has created in such a subtle and vivid way to the point you are seeing the world through this character’s eyes.

It is an audio play that comes across as a real personal adventure – through the self-doubt to the acceptance of what they eventually become. It is not easy and the struggle is clear but it has a real hopeful quality about it. Discovering who we are is the real adventure in life is a message that shines through in this piece.

This is a seamless piece that is perfectly performed by David Hoyle who really manages to delve deep into conveying all the emotions, stories and messages that Lamb’s writing blends together with great ease and style that is comforting to listen to.

Overall, Darling is a magical and thoughtful experience that is worth listening to.

By Emma Clarendon

Darling is available to listen to as part of the Written on the Waves project.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐


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