The first festival will take place on the 1st August from 2pm.

St James’s Church Piccadilly and Soul Sanctuary Gospel Choir will be welcoming people of all backgrounds to offer an afternoon of free gospel and soul music, spoken word poetry provided by Lyrix Organix and story-telling.

Taking place from 2pm on the 1st August, the festival will also include street food vendors and a bar on site. Having hosted food and gift markets in their courtyard for many years, St. James’s is well-known for being community-focussed, opening and welcoming to people of all backgrounds.

Soul At St James will happen on the afternoon of the first Sunday of every month from August. Covid regulations permitting, this inspirational mix of gospel and soul music, spoken word poetry and narrative will also include a performance of a song which has been taught during the one-hour gospel singing workshop which takes place beforehand. This workshop will be available to everyone who have signed up in advance.

The Reverend Lucy Winkett, Rector of St James’s said: “This is an unconditional invitation to anyone who’s passing by. An invitation to what? A banquet of music, contemplation, challenge, friendship and celebration, to see what’s real under the surface distractions of life, and to invite you to find your own voice to sing. Music is the language of the human spirit. We want to offer companionship in an isolated city, harmony in a noisy city, and to celebrate the diversity of this great city.”

Free tickets can be booked here to guarantee entry on the day: