Interview With…Alex Phelps

We chatted to the actor about starring When Darkness Falls at the Park Theatre.

Hi Alex – could you explain what When Darkness Falls is about? The play is about the power of stories and how they let us share experiences in a way that creates an emotional connection. They help us to understand those experiences and therefore each other. All art starts with a story and often will speak to us about humanity, giving us the greatest reason to have hope as we all embark on our own journeys and create our own stories.

What were your first impressions of the play when you first read it?It’s wonderful scope for activating the imagination. The tales told within the piece are narrated in the purest form, asking the audience to trust us and come with us, transporting them from the beautiful secure surroundings of the Park Theatre to the shadowy, unsure world of Guernsey Island.

Was there anything in particular about When Darkness Falls that made you want to be involved with this production? I’ve never had the opportunity to tell a ghost story before, I’m terrified of scary films so I never watch them, you’ll catch me hiding beneath the covers at the most entry level horror. So perhaps this is a tiny bit therapeutic, if not then at least I’ll be scaring myself every night. Eek!

(c) Thomas Merriot

How does it feel to be bringing it to the Park Theatre? The very idea that a group of people will be gathered together, in a low light, at this beautiful venue, all with the shared experience of watching something live and up close after the year ourselves and theatres have had. It’s breath-taking to be here, I feel very proud. My thanks must go to our producers, director, my fellow actor on the stage and the entire team at Park for taking this on and bringing people back together again.

How has it been working on the production so far? I’ve no idea. I’ve been quaking under the duvet the entire time! This is a ghost story after all.

Why should people come along and see the play? There are five stories that must be told. There is murder in them, and trickery, lies and foolishness, seduction and pursuit. Listen closely. Come with us.

By Emma Clarendon

When Darkness Falls will play at the Park Theatre from the 18th August until the 4th September.

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