Discover what critics had to say about the Shakespeare’s Globe production, directed by Sean Holmes.

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The Upcoming: **** “In short, Twelfth Night is an example of Shakespeare done right, bridging the gap between the historic texts and modern audiences through witty performances, live music, and even a little dancing. For fans of the Bard or not, it’s definitely worth a watch.”

WhatsOnStage: *** “Twelfth Night is given a more delicate touch, one that shows plenty of pathos but could do with a little more punch.”

iNews: **** “a superb production that is suffused with desire and longing.”

The Guardian: **** “It is a production with many tonal variations, from love sickness and romance to drunken revelry and the bitter aftertaste left by Malvolio’s cruel gulling, but all its parts are carefully entwined and contain an impeccable artistry.”

London *** “Overall, the production is chaotic, jubilant, and fun, which is exactly what you want from a Shakespeare comedy. (Though, bring a seat cushion because it is two and a half hours with no interval). Holmes peppers the show with contemporary music from the Four Seasons to Tina Turner to Cher, and many of the play’s songs are translated into the Americana style.”

Time Out: “this is an eminently likeable production of ‘Twelfth Night’ that plays nicely into the comic side of things and has a warm and palpable love for its characters. It’s just that it leaves a few wistful clues as to how it might have been something greater.”

The Arts Desk: ***** “The best version of Twelfth Night I’ve seen is not called Twelfth Night. For sheer knockabout entertainment, nothing beats the 2006 film She’s the Man. But Sean Holmes’ production for the Globe’s summer season, brimming with song and physical comedy, comes a worthy second.”

Broadway World: **** “With a cast constantly refreshing themselves from a case of beer cans at the side of the stage and a musical medley featuring Tina Turner and Cher, Sean Holmes directs a lively and very funny production.”

The Reviews Hub: ** “The production is not attentive to much of the real comedy of the piece. Set piece comic scenes are severely pruned – the would-be duel between Cesario and Sir Andrew hardly begins before it is halted, the responses of the characters in hiding who witness Malvolio’s reading of Olivia’s letter are muted, as it is they who play the scene from those two wrecked cars.”

Culture Whisper: **** “In a cast of strong performers, Elliot, Higgin and Terry deliver standout performances in their gender-fluid roles, and are mesmerising to watch. Elliot’s Feste and Higgin’s Sir Toby gel deliciously as a comedy duo, riffing off one another like mischievous conspirators helming a scandalous night out.”

Twelfth Night continues to play at the Shakespeare’s Globe until the 30th October.


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