Review Round Up: The Phantom of the Opera, Her Majesty’s Theatre

Discover what critics had to say about this revamped production of the long running musical.

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The Guardian: **** “Lucy St Louis (who played Diana Ross in Motown the Musical) is an enchanting Christine, the object of the Phantom’s obsession. She’s beatific, her tone bright with no harsh glare, all delicate vibrato, fine control and escalating power.”

Evening Standard: “From the moment that the huge chandelier went careening from the stage up onto the ceiling as that organ riff played, I was hooked on the high-camp melodrama. This is a show that makes no apologies about being bombastic and revels in being extra, from the pyrotechnics to the eye-catching costumes to the jaw-dropping ensemble numbers.” **** “What is undeniable is that this show delivers world-class staging, music and performances. It thoroughly deserves to pack them to the rafters (and catacombs) for another thirty years.”

WhatsOnStage: **** “A beguiling blend of deft pastiche and full-blown romanticism, with some iffy lyrics by Charles Hart and Richard Stiigoe, Lloyd Webber’s music is still glorious and, mainly, timeless.”

The Telegraph: **** “The hit musical has returned to the place of its birth – Her Majesty’s Theatre – with a mean and marvellous new Phantom in Killian Donnelly.”

London Theatre **** “Killian Donnelly as the Phantom with his portrayal of the phantom being so emotional yet aggressive- something I certainly have never seen done before. Playing opposite is the remarkable Lucy St. Louis as Christine, delicate yet soaring soprano knocked audience members of their feet with her rendition of ‘wishing you were somehow here again’ leaving not a dry eye in the house, she truly captures the innocence and youthfulness of Christine’s character.”

Broadway World: ***** “there’s nothing to fear with Phanton’s new leading lady, Lucy St Louis. Her captivating Christine is youthful and yet still glorious in almost every move she makes. Her vocal gift is matched by that of her beauty and grace as she moves through scene after scene as if she is its originator.”

West End Wilma: *** “The whole thing just feels flat. Yes, we all know that the live orchestra has been hugely cut in numbers and replaced with some pre-recorded instruments but is that something you would notice as an audience member if you didn’t know? I doubt it. So what has changed to make the show lose its magic? I couldn’t put my finger on it.”

The Reviews Hub: **** “If St. Louis feels any responsibility on her shoulders, she wears it incredibly lightly: her Christine has a deft perceptiveness to her, portraying the shift from ensemble girl to leading actress well. Vocally, she also starts off with a more modern approach to her first big solo, Think of Me, placing a clear distance between Christine and Carlotta (Saori Oda), the diva she is replacing.”

The Phantom of the Opera continues to play at Her Majesty’s Theatre. To book tickets click here or visit: Love, From the Box Office, London Theatre Direct, Theatre Tickets Direct or Last

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