NEWS: Katy Lipson and Adam Lenson Announce The Chamber Musical Sessions

The newly announced concert will celebrate 15 new musical theatre writing partnerships.

Taking place at the Garrick Theatre on the 4th October, The Chamber Musical Sessions concert invites audiences to join the 15 selected writing teams from across the UK to hear an array of new songs from the chamber
musicals that they are writing.

The writers will be joined by some of the West End’s biggest stars, new faces and a house band to celebrate the new projects that have begun to emerge.

It was also announced that Eartha, Eddie and the Upside Down Tree by Leo Munby and Anabel Mutale Reed and Echoes by Freya Smith and Jack Williams have been selected out of the new commissions to be developed further.

Eartha, Eddie and the Upside Down Tree is a contemporary fairytale about wishing for love in a world of missed connections, while Echoes is about a queer relationship told from two perspectives, in two parts.

The concert is also set to include work from the writers Christina Bloom (Detached), Cordelia O’Driscoll (Bitter/Sweet), Emelie Odukwe and Lily Vincent-Frankland (At The Centre), Guy Woolf and Isla Van Tricht (How To Save The World), Tommy Antonio and Robert Casey (Harder Baby), Hilmi Jaidin (Clickbait), Jen Green and Caroline
Wigmore (Elizabeth Holmes: How to bleed dry in Silicon Valley), Michelle Payne & Craig Webb (Enthusiastically, Yes!), Natalie Pound, Sam Young and Sam Hoppen (Thanks I’m Cured), Jonathan O’Neill and Isaac Savage (Letting Go), Poppy Burton-Morgan and Robin Simões da Silva (Treehouse), Sarah-Louise Young, Richard Link and Paul
Chronnell (Escape Room) and Eden Tredwell (Open Mic 1803).

Katy Lipson said:“We are incredibly proud to have launched a new musical theatre writing award over the
last year and to be presenting a night showcasing 15 submissions for that award on top of the set for the much-loved American chamber musical The Last 5 Years. We are hugely committed to the future of New British Chamber Musicals and cannot wait to see this award grow.”

Adam Lenson said: “We have been aware of how few opportunities there are for writers to be supported as they develop new musicals and it has been so wonderful to collaborate with Katy to create a little more space for the UK’s writing talent. We hope other theatres and producers will follow our lead and commission and stage more new musical theatre. We are so excited to see what Annabel, Leo, Jack and Freya create and can’t wait to celebrate them and the other longlisted writers in the West End in October.”

The Chamber Musical Sessions concert will take place at the Garrick Theatre on the 4th October.

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