This latest album from the band is formed of expertly crafted songs that make it fascinating to listen to.

Pressure Machine is one of those rare albums in which it is incredibly difficult to select standout tracks – particularly when they have all been so perfectly crafted.

With many of the songs inspired by Brandon Flowers’ childhood, this is a deeply personal album that is fascinating to listen to from start to finish. It is set up nicely with album opener ‘West Hills’ which feels really unexpected with its folksy and country style with a hint of darkness that seems to deepen as the album progresses in each song as does the element of storytelling that really lies at the heat of the album.

This is particularly shown on tracks such as ‘Quiet Town’ which reflects on the teenagers Tiffany JaNae Taylor and Raymond Leo Newton who were killed as a result of a train accident in 1994, or ‘Terrible Thing’ that is written from the perspective of a gay teenager struggling to cope and contemplating suicide. While this does make the album come across as sombre, it is also the way in which the songs have been written that give it a introspective feeling that elevates this and makes the listener really pay attention.

Elsewhere, ‘Runaway Horses’ featuring Phoebe Bridgers is a wonderfully delicate song that once again reveals a different side to what The Killers can do. Lyrically, it comes across as deeply poignant and emotional – making it very different from any other track on the album up until that point but also fits in perfectly with the other stories that emerge elsewhere.

All of the tracks also feature bits of interviews from actual Nephi residents (where Brandon Flowers lived during his childhood) that adds extra depth and context to the songs making it feel distinctive and unique.

But there are also plenty of songs that are really catchy such as ‘Sleepwalker’ and ‘In the Car Outside’ in which the energy is brilliant and offers a slight change in pace in contrast to songs such as ‘Desperate Things’ which feels like one of the darkest songs on the album.

Filled with depth and diversity, Pressure Machine is consistently of the highest quality, with songs for everyone to appreciate. Definitely an album to put on repeat.

By Emma Clarendon

Pressure Machine is available to buy and download now.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


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