We chatted to Natasha about starring in the NW Trilogy, playing at the Kiln Theatre from the 8th September.

Hi Natasha, could you explain a little bit more about the plays that form the NW Trilogy? Of course, there are 3 plays – Dance Floor, Life of Riley and Waking/Walking. Each centre around one of the immigrant communities living in NW London. The plays are independent of each other although there are similarities between the themes of each play and the plight of each of the communities represented.

How does it feel to be part of this production? An absolute privilege. Firstly, in being able to play a small part in helping to bring people back into the theatre but mostly, to be able to tell these important stories.

What appealed to you the most about being involved with NW Trilogy? I was really interested in the concept of these three individual plays becoming one night at the theatre. I was also very excited to work at The Kiln. I saw a play there a few years ago and hoped I would one day be able to be involved with one of their productions.

What can audiences expect? I like the phrase – “theatrical tapas”. The plays are so different, there’s definitely something for everyone. You can expect to be taken back in time, to laugh, weep and hopefully, leave contemplating a few things – not to mention you will get to hear some fantastic tunes!

How does it feel to be performing on stage again? I feel so fortunate to have this opportunity to work with such a talented group of creatives. It feels incredible to be on stage again and I think we’re all very excited to have an audience with us.

What was it about the plays specifically that stood out for you? I play Anjali in Waking/Walking and when I first read the script, I found the role incredibly exciting. The play is set in the 1970’s and centres around Anjali, her family and their reaction to The Grunwick Strike. I was drawn to the intricacies of the relationships, the historical and political landscape, and the immigrant story. As a 2nd generation immigrant myself, I find all three plays really thought provoking and powerful.

By Emma Clarendon

NW Trilogy will play at the Kiln Theatre from the 8th September until the 9th October.


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