Interview With…Oliver Towse

We chatted to Oliver about bringing The Great Gatsby immersive experience back to London.

(c)Matthew Walker

Hi Oliver – how does it feel to be bringing The Great Gatsby back? Extremely exciting to be bringing Gatsby back, some new faces this time round and some faces you’ll recognise from previous years. It feels right, we’ve all just come out of a world wide prohibition so to speak and I hope audiences are ready to suit up and head to the mansion. 

What do you enjoy the most about being part of this production? The cast and crew, I’ve never worked with a more invested, switched on creative bunch, the passion for the work and story that everyone in the building brings is such a thing to be a part of. 

For those who haven’t experienced it yet – what can they expect? They’re going to have a lot of fun! It’s absolutely not your traditional piece of theatre, but we ask audiences to lean into that and hopefully come out the other side having had a great time but also effected by what Is at the heart a story about flawed people, as an audience member it’s the most exciting, exhilarating thing to watch relationships and this story play out over the evening and be able to watch these cracks form, literally inches away from you. 

How does it feel to be playing Gatsby again? There is something about this show, it’s one of my greatest achievements playing Jay, an actor couldn’t ask for a more interesting role to play, he’s a complicated chap but one I enjoy wrestling and working out on stage every evening. I’ve got to say It’s good to be back after the pandemic,though the suits a little more snug now. 

How would you describe this production of The Great Gatsby? An unforgettable evening and I promise you, it’s something you haven’t experienced before.

By Emma Clarendon

Tickets for The Great Gatsby are on sale now. To book tickets click here or visit: Love Theatre.comFrom the Box Office, Last Minute.comTheatre Tickets Direct or London Theatre Direct.

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