Interview With…Max Percy

We chatted to Max about Dumbledore is So Gay playing at the Pleasance Theatre from the 21st to the 26th September.

Hi Max, could you explain more about what Dumbledore Is So Gay is about? Without giving too much away, I feel like it’s a play that really confronts how to live authentically as a queer person today(ish). The piece is so funny that it tricks you into feelings that catch you off guard! The best kind.

What made you want to be part of this show? The team is amazing. Our run at the Vaults in 2020 was such a dream and I feel like the love and fun really comes through in the piece. It’s such a pleasure of a show to perform. And to be honest, I really want to make people and hear people laugh… I think we all need a little bit of that right now.

Are you a Harry Potter fan yourself? I’m more of a Lord of the Rings kind of guy (pre-Hobbit), however I have found this show so entertaining. I’m not a Harry Potter fan, but I am a Dumbledore Is So Gay fan… Is it ok to be a fan of your own show? I’m going to do it!

What are you most looking forward to about bringing the show to Pleasance Theatre? I’ve heard the new layout is really interesting… it’s cabaret style on separate tables, for COVID reasons, but you can order drinks throughout the show. I won’t be drinking… but it might make the performance more relaxed and will give us more to react to.

What do you think people will take away from Dumbledore Is So Gay? It’s nostalgic! You’ll remember the good ol’ days. You’ll think of jelly shoes and Oreos.

Why should people come along and see the show? Come, if you want a queer narrative that is uplifting and empowering. It’s honestly a great night out with friends and you’ll leave the theatre buzzing (but also maybe a little weepy). But happy tears!

By Emma Clarendon

Dumbledore is so Gay will play at the Pleasance Theatre from the 21st to the 26th September. Book your tickets either here or here.

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