This third album from the singer is gorgeously breezy but at the same time it feels reflective.

It has to be said that Lorde’s gorgeously haunting vocals are so distinctive and she is able to use them in such a way that lends itself to a huge variety of musical styles – as showcased on her latest album.

Solar Power has a such a delicate, natural style about it that is difficult not to be drawn in and completely absorb yourself in the music that is soothing to listen to – particularly with songs such as ‘The Path’ and ‘California’ which are two standout tracks on this album. Both layer a gorgeous range of musical sounds that intrigue and add a fairytale feel to the album, while allowing the thoughtfulness of the lyrics to take centre stage.

This is an album that is unhurried and ideal to listen to on a lazy Summer afternoon, filled with plenty of moments that have a dreamy quality as heard on ‘Fallen Fruit’ or ‘Big Star’ for example. It is clear that a lot of thought and care has gone into the creation of each song which while on the one hand shows just how creating this album has meant a lot to Lorde – but can also make it feel ever so slightly cautious.

The delicacy of these tracks might not be everybody’s cup of tea, but it has to be said that it shows just how mature the singer has become since her debut album ‘Pure Heroine’ and of course the hit single ‘Royals’. On Solar Power, the songs ‘Leader of a New Regime’ and ‘Oceanic Feeling’ really capture this and the poetic quality of her lyrics show great depth.

Each song is a real surprise – but equally all are very understated and have a unique style to them that keeps the listener intrigued as to what comes next. Songs such as ‘Solar Power’ and ‘Stoned At the Nail Salon’ are just two examples of this – highlighting just how carefully each song has been put together structurally – utterly seamless that moves from one style to the next effortlessly.

Gorgeously breezy from start to finish, it is going to be interesting to see exactly what the singer is going to do next.

By Emma Clarendon

Solar Power is available to buy and download now.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐