The four performers chatted to us about this Sunday’s RE:arrangement show, taking place as part of London Wonderground at Earl’s Court.

For those who haven’t experienced RE:arrangement before – what can they expect? 

Noel: Rearrangement is a hoot. If you love musical theatre then this is the show for you. It takes well known hits and flips them into versions that will surprise and delight. The audience absolutely love coming along for the ride.

What do you like the most about the concept behind the show?

Kristen:  We are all so familiar with these classic songs and now, it’s like hearing them for the first time! I challenge you to try and sing along.

Gina: I like that it’s a collection of songs you THINK you know. You’re familiar with them but they come at you in a completely fresh, new way. And the singers are top notch and very versatile (if I do say so myself), but the feel of the show is very relaxed and fun!

Have you got a favourite song that you get to perform in a way you never expected? 

Emma: I get to sing something very famous at this concert done in a way I would never expect. It’s brilliant.

How does it feel to be performing alongside your co-stars?

Kristen:  As a transplant from New York, I am so honoured to sing beside this group of West End superstars.

Emma: Same! I’m a huge fan of this group of people so I feel like a competition winner.

If people haven’t booked a ticket yet, why should they?

Emma: It’s simple, if you love music and musical theatre you will LOVE RE:arrangement!

Noel: Nick is an incredible talent and manages to pull some of the finest voices in the west end together to perform his wonderful work.

Gina: What’s not to love?

By Emma Clarendon

RE:arrangement will take place on the 26th September at London Wonderground at Earl’s Court. To book your tickets visit:—remixed


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