REVIEW: What the Future Holds Pt 2 by Steps

This follow up to last year’s What the Future Holds reveals a group that have still plenty of material to share with fans.

As with their previous album, Steps have once again proved that they have been able to combine their knack of creating singable pop songs but with a contemporary flair in contrast to the albums that they released in the 1990’s (which were equally good of course).

With What the Future Holds Pt 2, the group once again has put together a collection of songs that are catchy and pure pop delight. Songs such as ‘Take Me For a Ride’ and ‘A Million Years’ for example highlight fabulous and confident harmonies that equally show great understanding for the lyrics. There is nothing false or pretentious about any of the songs – you really feel as though that everyone is singing from the heart.

But it is also the way in which with their music Steps also manages to get the balance between melancholy and joy just right – as you can hear on songs such as ‘Trouble & Love’ that has a bittersweet feel about it that makes it enjoyable to listen to. Every song is confident and consistent – making it an album that is very comfortable to listen to.

If on occasion some of the songs musically sound the same, this does little to distract from the fact that there are plenty of catchy songs that will stay in your head long after the album has finished – not least ‘The Slightest Touch’ and ‘High’ for example – really show off what Steps do so well.

Elsewhere, I also enjoyed the acoustic versions of songs such ‘What the Future Holds’ which sounds even more reflective and poignant, while ‘Something in Your Eyes’ sounds wonderfully tender.

This is an album that will certainly please fans and shows that Steps has created a solid foundation for returning to the music industry – lets hope that there is more to come!

By Emma Clarendon

What the Future Holds Pt 2 is available to buy and download now.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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