The actor chatted to us about starring in the West End return of Jersey Boys at the Trafalgar Theatre.

L-R Ben Joyce, Adam Bailey, Benjamin Yates and Karl James Wilson in Jersey Boys (c)Mark Senior

Hi Ben – how has it been starring in Jersey Boys? Hello! – well, it’s been an absolute dream come true! I’m having the most amazing experience getting to tell the Four Seasons’ story every night. This show has such a special place in my heart as it is, but the people I work with make it even better. I am loving it!

What do you think it is about the musical that continues to appeal to audiences?The music of this show is clearly one of the main attractions. For some people this is music they’ve loved and known all their lives. For others it’s a case of “oh I didn’t realise this was done by them.” but they recognise and love the catchy songs. For me, the best part has got to be the unbelievable story of their lives that went on behind all the fame and fortune. Whatever the reason, people leave the show with the biggest smile on their faces – and that is what brings people back for more!

How did you feel when you found out you were going to be part of this production? I’ve adored this show for as long as I can remember, so it’s always been a bucket list job for me. But, so many emotions flew around when I got the news that I’d be playing Frankie. Excitement, happiness, anxiety! All the things you’d expect. But as soon as the news had sunk in, I knew I was about to have the time of my life and, sure enough, that’s how it is turning out.

Do you have a favourite song in the show? There are lots of small moments within the show that I love and many songs too. They change as my time at the show goes on. My favourite song at the moment would have to be ‘Walk Like A Man’. It’s the first real opportunity the audience has to go wild for the Four Seasons and that feeling we get up there is incredible.

For those who haven’t experienced it yet, what can they expect? If you’re a first time Jersey Boys goer, you can expect a night packed with ups and downs. Expect your emotions to be pulled to every corner of the spectrum. All these moments are brought together with some of the greatest songs ever written! You really will leave with the biggest smile on your face.

What have you enjoyed the most about appearing in this show so far? One of the greatest things I’ve brought out of this experience is seeing how much the joy of theatre has been missed over this past year and a half, and how much of a privilege it has been for me and my cast mates to bring some of that happiness back to the West End. The people I have met on this journey (whether it be fellow cast, creatives, backstage crew, audiences) have been so kind and supportive. Everyone is so excited to be back and it’s been extra special to make my West End debut at this particular time.

By Emma Clarendon

Jersey Boys is now playing at the Trafalgar Studios. To book tickets click here or visit: Love Theatre.comFrom the Box OfficeLondon Theatre Direct, and Theatre Tickets