Interview With…Guy Masterson

The director chatted to Emma Clarendon about bringing The Shark is Broken to the West End.

Hi Guy – how does it feel to be finally be bringing The Shark is Broken to the West End? It is always a thrill to work in the West End,but particularly when you have created an original work at Fringe level and for it to be recognised to have West End credentials. It is inspirational to all those artists and writers out there who think it’s an unattainable dream.

For those who don’t know – could you explain a bit more about the background to the play? “The Shark” – as we call it – is the real backstage story of the three iconic stars behind Steven Spielberg’s classic blockbuster Jaws, co-written by and starring Ian Shaw playing his father Robert – who played Captain Quint, the crazy shark hunter!

What was it about the play that caught your attention initially? It had all the ingredients of a great theatre piece and it was compact.  With only three actors and it had a strong commercial edge being based on JAWS and starring Robert Shaw’s son. How could it fail?!

How did you discover The Shark is Broken? Ian Shaw and I have been friends for 27 years. He called me when he thought of the idea and said “What do you think?” If I’d have been drinking tea at the time I’d have spluttered it!

How have you found the experience of bringing The Shark is Broken to the stage? I’ve loved every minute of it. I am used to doing a lot of the production work on my own as well as directing, but with this team, it has all been incredibly easy. I am working with the creme de la creme of experts, and the best producer (Sonia Friedman) in the world which allows me to just help paint the pictures. What more could I want?

What can audiences expect when they come along? A really good comedy with a deep satisfying heart, topped off by the thrill of Jaws. Perfect!

By Emma Clarendon

The Shark is Broken is at the Ambassadors Theatre until 15th January 2022. For tickets:

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