NEWS: Love Dance to Play at the Chiswick Playhouse

The new play will run at the Chiswick Playhouse from the 10th to the 27th November.

This newly announced romantic comedy is the latest collaboration between writer Andy Walker (The
Story of Tracy Beaker) and director Lesley Manning (Ghostwatch) who previously collaborated on the play Delivery which had a run at the Chiswick Playhouse in 2020.

Inspired by the story of a close friend of the creative team, Love Dance follows the story of Rose who is desperate to have a baby but doesn’t want a long-term relationship. She’s carved out a successful career for herself based on innate ability and a lifetime of hard work, but now her biological clock is ticking – loudly. Her past relationships have ranged from the forgettable to the disastrous, so she needs a man to make her pregnant then disappear from her life. Enter Adam. He’s the last person she’d ever think of having a baby with; he’s immature, disorganised
and allergic to hard work. And even worse – he’s a musician. However, in exchange for a sofa to
sleep on, he agrees to help her find a suitable father for her child while unaware he’s falling in love with her…

Talking about the play writer Andy Walker said: “it all started when a close friend declared she wanted the baby without the man – and I don’t think this is unusual. But a relationship is a whole other thing. To most people this scenario wouldn’t warrant raising an eyebrow, however to a comedy writer the idea presented itself as fertile ground for material. In planning the piece, I set myself the challenge of limiting the cast to just two characters, one location, while seeing if I could make it lively, funny and contemporary.”

Love Dance will play at the Chiswick Playhouse from the 10th to the 27th November.

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