With White Christmas about to embark on a UK tour, opening at the New Victoria Theatre on the 28th October, we chatted to cast member Matthew Jeans about the production.

Matthew Jeans and Jess Daley in White Christmas. (c)Darren Bell

Hi Matthew, how does it feel to be going out on tour with White Christmas? It feels great to be going out on tour, especially after such a long period of time unable to work due to COVID. I feel so privileged to be doing such a beautiful show, with such an unbelievably talented cast and working with the most amazing creative team.

What have you enjoyed the most about being part of this production so far? I think being able to sing such stunning music has got to be the highlight for me. In fact, not only to sing it myself but hearing it sung every day also! I can honestly say it’s one of the most beautifully written scores I have ever heard.

How would you describe your character, Bob? Bob is such a great part to be able to play because he’s so relatable in so many ways. He always strives to be the guy people can depend and rely on, and at the same time is desperate to find love. However, he constantly keeps people at arm’s length to protect himself from being hurt. I think the fact that he’s so morally upstanding, the way the story materialises makes everyone really feel for him and find themselves sitting there wanting to jump to his defence!

Have you a favourite moment in the show? Hard question! My favourite moment in the show probably would be ‘Blue Skies’ at the end of Act 1. The song is just awesome to sing, and Stephen Mear has created the most amazing number that really will blow people away. I also love doing the reprise of ‘Sisters’ as Dan and I can just have a right laugh with everyone!

Why would you say this such a great Christmas show to come along and see? I think it’s such a great show because the story is adorable with such lovable characters. The dance routines are just outstanding. It has some of the best and most loved Christmas songs ever written, such as Snow, Happy Holiday and of course White Christmas. The costumes and set are gorgeous and there are a few little surprises along the way. It really does have something for everyone, and I can’t think of a better way of getting people into the Christmas spirit.

Do you remember the first time that you watched the film? I do! Whenever I used to go to my grandparents’ house as a kid we’d watch the classic musical movies, and so at Christmas time, White Christmas was always the film of choice. MyGrandad always used to sing White Christmas on the karaoke because it was his favourite song, and so it’s such a nice feeling to be able to sing it on stage to remember him.

Why should people pop along and see the show in your opinion? People should come along to get swept up in Christmas joy and a heart-warming story. You can’t possibly not walk out with a smile on your face and a warm feeling inside. After the 18 months or so of lockdown and the strains that it has brought upon us all, what better way than to escape and celebrate this time of year with your families and friends and inject that Christmas spirit that we all need!

By Emma Clarendon

The UK tour of White Christmas opens at the New Victoria Theatre in Woking on the 28th October. To find out more about the tour visit: https://www.whitechristmasthemusical.co.uk/uk-tour/


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