We chatted to Andrew about starring in The Wife Of Willesden at the Kiln Theatre.

(c)Marc Brenner

Hi Andrew, could you tell me more about what the Wife of Willesden is about? Hi. The play for me is about redressing the imbalance between the rights and obligations of women and men in their relationships, which sounds rather dry. In truth it is anything but!

How does it feel to be part of the production? Right now, it’s exciting and also tiring. Making new work always requires more energy from everyone concerned than re-staging or reimagining an existing piece.

How does it feel to be bringing the play to the Kiln Theatre? I’m really looking forward to the reaction of the people of Brent to a racy spectacle set in their own back yard. 

What made you want to be part of this production? Two massive legends: Indhu Rubasingham and Zadie Smith (in no particular order) and this bloke called Chaucer. I’ve since discovered that there a number of folk in this building who also make it an ace place to work.

Could you tell me more about the characters you play? Most of us are wearing a number of hats in the show. Amongst a whole host of other characters I play Alvita’s first (and underwhelming) husband, and Bartosz, a local man who is a justice bunny if ever there was one.

What can audiences expect from the production? Strap in, folks. Its a ride!

By Emma Clarendon

The Wife of Willesden will play at the Kiln Theatre from the 11th November until the 15th January 2022.