As Britney is released from the 13 year conservatorship, we pick some of our favourite songs from the singer.

Lucky: while musically this song seems to be upbeat, by really listening to the lyrics it is about the perils of fame – of having to be happy in front the camera all of the time as well as feelings loneliness and isolation. It seems as though Britney was channelling a lot of what she was possibly feeling at this point in her career. This being said it is still a very catchy and instantly recognisable song.

Everytime: what I love about this song is the way it shows a different side to the singer. We are used to her upbeat pop songs so when she does a stripped back songs such as this it really stands out. I love the haunting quality of this song that while is tinged with sadness and poignancy reveals a depth to her vocals that is also really gorgeous.

Oops!…I Did it Again: this confident and almost flirtatious song is one that I particularly remember hearing a lot on the radio – it is a song that suggests a singer who had strong belief in the quality of music that she was creating. The lyrics and performance combined suggest a self assuredness that ensured that this is one of her biggest hits.

Boys: as her career evolved, Britney is certainly a singer who knew how to mix things up in terms of the style of music that she was putting out there – while still retaining a strong pop vibe to the songs being released. Boys is just one example of this – edgy, sexy, flirtatious she ensured that as her fans grew up she was still releasing music that would appeal to them. She knows exactly what her fans want and how to deliver it.

…Baby One More Time: everybody remembers where they were when they first heard this song (well at least I do – in the car on my way home from school) and what automatically caught my attention was just how instantly catchy this song was and still is. It felt like a breathe of fresh air and showed instantly just what Britney was capable of as a singer and performer – highlighted further by the memorable video released to accompany it.

Toxic: smart, sharp and sassy, Toxic is once again a song that is instantly recognisable from the first note and always guaranteed to get people dancing because of its unique musical qualities combined with the strength of the lyrics and feels as though it was only released yesterday.

There are so many Britney songs that I could have picked here, but I feel like for me these ones show just how as an artist she evolved with the times and still managed to deliver what her fans wanted and the music industry needed. Let’s hope that now she is gaining a little more control over her life again she can once again create the music that she wants to make -when and if she wants to make it.


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