We chatted to Amelia about starring in the Rose Theatre’s Christmas production of Beauty and the Beast.

(c)Seamus Ryan

Hi Amelia, so what can we expect from this new adaptation of Beauty and the Beast? Lots of laughs, tears and a good time. It’s the perfect mix of charmingly hilarious characters and important messages. 

What made you want to be part of this production? When I auditioned, I was excited to be seen by a theatre as established as the Rose. I’ve heard about their Christmas shows before and when I was considered for a ‘princess’ like role, I just got really excited. I’ve never fit in the casting of sweet ingenue girls, so when I read the script it just got me even more thrilled that Bella isn’t your usual ‘princess’. 

How does it feel to be performing at Rose Theatre? To be performing during this day and age feels like a privilege anyway, but to play my first onstage role at the Rose, after graduating, feels even more special. The company and cast are so friendly, supportive and talented and having all this young talent involved makes this experience much more special. 

How would you describe your character Bella? Not like your typical fairy tale princess. She grows up in a world of privilege and safety and once she has to face independence, she learns to accept her own flaws as well. She is feisty and powerful. Starting as a character who has been overly protected her whole life, she has an exciting journey that leads to her becoming the one to protect others.

What are you most looking forward to about performing in Beauty and the Beast? The audiences! I can’t wait for people to witness the incredible talent of my fellow cast members, the beautiful compositions by Eamonn O’Dwyer, Ciaran McConville’s script and the production as a whole. I think that right now we need shows that let us escape our own reality and just dive into a world of magical adventures.

I also can’t wait to see the young company thrive on stage. For many it’s their first or biggest acting experience. They are insanely talented and giving, so I can’t wait to see them enjoy themselves on this beautiful stage. 

What would you say makes this a great Christmas show to come and see? The whole show is about family, learning to listen to each other and accept each of our mistakes. Christmas is that one time of year the families make an effort to get together and we can’t take each other for granted, especially with Covid-19 still affecting our day to day lives. We all grow up and become more and more busy with our own lives, so finding the time to spend together, no matter how many disagreements we have at the dinner table, is worth a lot. This show will transport you into a magical world, that brings gravity to the love we that we feel at this time of year.

By Emma Clarendon

Beauty and the Beast plays at the Rose Theatre from the 3rd December until the 3rd January 2022.


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